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Helping Living Things Stay That Way

I don’t like doing chores.  Vacuuming’s ok, mopping isn’t all that fun, and doing dishes is nigh unto loathsome; consequently, since we’ve moved into our new house, I’ve been dreading the coming of spring because that means…more chores!  You know, the mowing, the watering, the weeding, the pruning, etc.  I never enjoyed doing any of those things when I was a kid, and I didn’t expect to now.

Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I just spent over an hour outside tonight weeding(a weeknight, while my wife was gone no less!), and I LOVED IT!  I also clipped off about 200 dead buds off our flowering bushes and watered parts of the lawn.  I’ve noticed that since I started mowing about a month ago, I actually look forward to it each Saturday.

So…I have to think that the reason I like doing these things so much is that it is helping to keep things alive and strong.  Most chores inside are just keeping things clean, and while that’s important, there is something inherently more powerful in sustaining life in all living things around us.  I’ve often wondered if I’ll make a good dad, and I hope this is a good sign that I’ll take joy in caring and raising future little ones.  I guess it also relates to helping nourish the spiritual lives of those around us, for we all can’t do it alone.

Ok, enough blogging, I’m going to go watch the season finale of The Office and Scrubs!

I’m doing horribly, but it’ll get worse…

Growing up, it was not uncommon to hear the phrases “I’m doing great, but it’ll get better!” or “I feel great! My body is so strong and healthy, it doesn’t get sick from !” (that last phrase was usually said in front of a mirror).  They are big fans of positive thinking and its effects on the physical body and environment.  This is why I’m so surprised that I’ve never really made the connection between this and negative thinking.

Could anybody ever reasonably expect a young kid to escape his childhood unscathed by the persistent, critical attitudes of his parents?  No.  The problem with some people (including myself at times), is that this principle doesn’t translate to our relationship with adults.  I was involved in a couple of situations today where a leader exuded this exact attitude in regards to some of those people he led.  I couldn’t help but think, “You claim to want people to be better; in fact, it is in your job description to help people be better, yet you consistently expect them to fail.”

I believe that no matter how hard we may resist, every thought we think defines who we are.  My parents have taught me well that attitude is everything, but my experience today helped me really internalize the dangerous path of negative and overly critical mentalities.

Promoting the Problem – A Vicious Cycle

I’m a pretty regular listener to NPR, though I try to avoid the shows with user call-ins (but that’s another post). I mostly listen to Morning Edition, Day-to-Day, and All Things Considered. Regarding this past week’s programming, though it pains me to say, I would have been surprised if even NPR hadn’t spent half their air time on the Virginia Tech massacre given the severity of the event. Though I expected coverage, I’ve been greatly disturbed on their particular focus on the publicity of the killer.

Though I’m sure some will disagree, spending news time covering every minute detail of this man’s life can only result in a negative impact on society; experts agree that this man did what he did to get his message out (incoherent as it was). He wanted to make sure that everyone knew who he was and how angry he was at the world, and he did that very well. BUT, if he had believed that news stations around the world would speak of every single detail of the incident with the exclusion of the killer and anything about him, I’m guessing he wouldn’t have done it.

Why? Because he would have known that still nobody cared about him and his message. He either would have suppressed it and become self-destructive or found another way (perhaps peacefully), but I believe he wouldn’t do anything nearly as horrible as the worst shooting spree in the history of this country.

Mentally sick individuals still have the same basic desires as the rest of us, and that includes wanting to be popular. I’d love to have everyone know my name and be interested in my work, but the problem with mentally-ill people is that some can get their fix by committing atrocities. Let’s not give them that indulgence. I understand that humans love to gossip and hear the dirt about this tragedy or that embarrassment (please note my extreme loathing for this particular trait of humankind), but can news people please stop perpetuating the publicizing of the problem?

All that said, I suspect nothing will ever change because people will still be gossipmongering people, and news stations will still be greedy corporations that make a profit off said gossipmongerers (spelling?). Just know that I said it here that we shouldn’t be so surprised when 32 are killed on a college campus. I know I wasn’t.

New Babies

Well, I have a few things to mention, and the first and foremost is to congratulate three of my siblings (Ben and Wendy, Josh and Amy, and Nate and Rachelle) on their new babies! As I think about it and what they must be feeling, I can’t help but feel that they’ve been entrusted with the care of some very special individuals, and what a beautiful thing it is. Rachelle had a baby girl today (Kennedy Rees is her name), and as I talked to Nate about it, I could hear the true happiness in his voice, and it has made me immensely happy. So congratulations to all of you!

The second thing I had wanted to talk about was the little bits of magic and mystery in our lives. Continue reading New Babies

Band Madness

Ok, as a lover of music, I feel obligated to mention this site I came across:  It pits random (I think) bands against each other in a voting contest and in true madness bracket style slowly eliminates bands to let the most popular rise to the top. 

Its somewhat entertaining to go and vote on all the match ups though this particular round seems a bit one-sided in most matchups.  Anyway, all you They Might Be Giants fans (and even those who aren’t) really should go here and vote for them.  They are in a really close contest with Earth, Wind & Fire and need a little bump up.  Go vote!

Striving for Mediocrity? Not Acceptable

The US played Guatemala in a friendly exhibition game tonight, and for all intents and purposes, the US won.  They probably had possession at least 75% of the game and had at least 3 or 4 times as many scoring opportunities.  Guatemala was clearly the inferior team (despite several of the US players disappointing performances).  So, you can imagine my disappointment when Guatemala used blatant delay tactics to ensure a 0-0 outcome.  Yes, the US wasn’t able to pull out the big plays, but in order to further ensure that they had less opportunities, Guatemala did things like have their keeper count off the seconds that he’s allowed to hold the ball to ensure he uses them all.  How about four “injuries” in the last twenty minutes that lasted at least a minute and a half each and didn’t even result in a player leaving the field?

All that and only 3 minutes of added time, not to mention the killing of momentum.  So, why the disappointment?  Yes, I’m sad the US didn’t pull out the easy win it should have been, but I’m more depressed that Guatemala would be satisfied and STRIVE for a draw (tie).  Continue reading Striving for Mediocrity? Not Acceptable

Off We Go, Into the Wild Blue Yonder…

Literally.  And very blue.  You know, the whole picteresque view of sailing into the sunset on a horizon of red ocean (or Gulf as is the case with us) as the sun makes a perfect reflection off the water.  Ok, well, we’ll actually be sailing south, so we’ll be running parallel to the sunset, but you never hear the word “parallel” in fancy descriptions in novels and such.

We’re really excited!  We were going to post pictures while on the ship (using their Wi-Fi), but it turns out that they will charge all our arms and at least half our legs for such service; hence, you won’t see them until after we get back, but see them you will!

If the natives take us captive or sharks get us or some other calamity befalls us while we are gone, know that there was probably never a better way to go, so bon voyage and farewell! 

New House Pictures

Hi everybody, Adam here.  Well, we’ve been slacking, but moving into a new house is no easy task!  Anyway, I’ve FINALLY posted that last day of pre-move-in pictures (link to the right), as well as new house pictures with everything moved in (click HERE). 

Its been really sweet to be moved in almost completely.  Yesterday we put up all the pictures and mirrors, etc. and its feeling a lot more like home.  I’ll probably change the link on the right to a new album later on now that the house is finished and not under construction anymore.  Maybe I’ll put a link to the album with our cruise pictures in it! 

Yep, that’s right we’re going a cruise in March during Jessica’s spring break, and that should be a blast.  We’ll be going to the western Caribbean, and we’re very much excited for it.

Corruption in the Level of American Intelligence

I just wanted to share my views on something I noticed in the aftermath of the congressional elections this past week.  On a number of occasions, I heard analysts say that besides the war in Iraq, one of the main deciding factors in how people voted was all the scandals that have taken place within the Republican party (Jack Abermov, Senator Foley from Florida who had improper relations with pages, etc.).  I’m really sad to see that this affected the elections in any way. 

Why?  Because it had nothing to do with the party being Republican!  It had everything to do with the party involved being the party in power!  Before the Republican revolution in 1994, you would find corruption in the Democratic party.  Is it because they were Democrats?  No, its just how it rolls.  It seems that congressmen/women have a rich history of corruption regardless of their party.  It makes no logical sense to say that is a Republican trait.  There is nothing about being a Republican that gives you a greater tendency towards immoral behavior.  Its not as if you have troublemaker genes inserted into you when you run for office under the banner of the elephant. Continue reading Corruption in the Level of American Intelligence

Smelly Stuff

Well, lots of new smells at our house.  We had all the wood trim, door frames, doors, cabinets, etc. (anything wood) installed this week.  I have to tell you, it smelled quite scintillating.  Now, add to that the smell of wood staining, and well, you get scintillating + intoxicating (if not ventilated properly).  I’m not sure exactly what that equals, but it does add up to something REALLY smelly!

So, yeah, all the wood is stained and ready for the painting of the walls.  They also poured the concrete on the driveway, sidewalks, and back patio.  Despite Jessica’s shoe prints on the back patio (you’ll have to ask HER if you want that story!), it looks flawless.  No, really, it all looks really good! Continue reading Smelly Stuff