My Funny Kids

This page is about the funny, sweet or just awesome things that my kids do or say to each other or other people.  They are two of the sweetest little guys I know, and I wanted to be able to remember the things they do that make me laugh and smile.  The newest things will always be on the top of the list.

–We were talking about choosing the right, since Spencer got his first CTR ring at church today. This is how his conversation with Dad went:

Dad: Spencer, how do you choose the right
Spencer: Like this ::points to his right with a rather matter of factly:: (1/13/13)

–We’re playing catch and Spenc takes a football to the crotch. “That hurt my junk!” (9/7/12)

— After getting to the restaurant, Spencer gives his grandma the knife from his seat and says “I can’t handle this.” 9/7/12

–When moving Spencer back into his room after his Grandparents left to Mom: “Thank you for letting me stay in your room.”

–Mom: “Spencer, did you have a good lunch?” Spencer: “It was great.  Thank you.”

— When Matthew cries in the car Spencer tells him, “It’s okay Matthew.  You don’t need to cry.  It’s Okay.”

–“My baby is borned!  Now, I can go to White Water!”  — The first thing Spencer (3.5) said upon meeting Matthew 5/3/12

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