Not In Iraq = Not Supporting Troops

It looks like sound-minded liberals have made another excellent point for hating Mitt Romney:

“It is alright if they ” (referring to Mitt’s sons) “want to stay out of the military but they should not support this war and claim they support our military.” (

Following the lead of our far-more-intelligent, left-wing friends, I will now stop supporting our troops because I really don’t want to get shot at. We obviously shouldn’t be supporting people who are stupid enough to go into such dangerous situations (oh wait, that’s John Kerry’s position).

Seriously, though, do liberals really believe that support = fighting and that I’m Not in Iraq = I Should Leave Them For Dead? I’d like to say that I support our troops, but I know that’s a lie because I don’t really do anything to help them. I guess I do pray for them sometimes, but I don’t know that I’m a real “supporter”.

On the other hand, I know plenty of people who do show a lot of support for our troops, and would you believe that they don’t have the nerve to enlist? For shame! I really question the ideals of a person who can condemn a man for not sending himself to Iraq and still want to show love and support.

Being in the military is a tough job that I could never do, but I admire those who can. They have been, are, and will continue to be the front-line of defense for our country. Let’s not believe the rhetoric in the media, let’s believe in our troops.

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