Living with Chiari – Adam’s Goings On

1/12 9:05pm: The cafeteria here is pretty good! I had lunch and dinner there, and it is really cheap. I had a hot link in a bun, chips, a cup of soup, and a large drink for $5. I didn’t know they closed at 7, so I made it down there a little late, but they did have a vending machine that sold the same fresh salads and sushi that they sell in the cafeteria, so I bought a HUGE Cobb salad for $3.60. It was a really good deal and quite tasty. I’m glad that they don’t rip off all the employees and visitors here and actually understand that people are usually here because they are dealing with something crappy. It makes us feel a little better when someone cuts us a break.

Anyway, I’m about to leave for the night. I might stay tomorrow night, but I’m going to take Spencer to his 1st Mother’s Day Out tomorrow. We wanted it to be one of us taking him because it is such a new place.

1/12 1:52 pm: it is a lot more comfortable for me in this room. I can control the temperature, I can close the door, and I am way less stressed about Jessica. I have been mostly playing games on my phone and watching Netflix on my iPad. I was so excited the hospital’s wifi was letting Netflix work. I’ll probably get a lot of stuff watched this week. Last night, I was reading Metro 2033 while sitting next to Jessica in the ICU. It is a sci-fi post apocalyptic thriller about human life in Russia that was forced underground into the metro tunnels. It is often quite creepy, and reading it in the dark late a night was pretty cool. I highly recommend the book, and if you like video games, there was a game adaptation that was actually very good.

1/12 10:17am: I left last night around 10pm, and I thought I was going to just crash into bed when I got home, but I ended up not going to sleep until 11:30. I was worrying about Jessica because I didn’t know if her constant sleeping was normal or not. Now I’m just sitting in our normal hospital room watching her sleep. I’m really encouraged by her progress so far today. Hopefully they can get the nausea under control.

1/11 7:30pm: Well, I mostly just sat in the chair next to Jessica and read a book, played on my phone, etc. She is sleeping so much, which is good. It makes me wonder if I am doing any good being there, but I think she rests easier knowing I’m there. Now I am sitting back out in the waiting room. They kick all visitors out from 6:30 to 8 in the AM and PM. I grabbed some KFC before coming back here to sit. It is interesting being in the same room as so many anxious people who’s relatives/whatever are all in the ICU. Everyone either seems antsy or exhausted. I’m currently antsy.

1/11 2:30pm: I’m finally in the ICU with Jessica. Read the main post for details about her. A perk of being here is that the heat is on high and it feels really good! Plus I can just sit and listen to her breathe. I’ve never quite enjoyed it this much before.

1/11 1:20pm: We finally found a waiting room that wasn’t cold. I was finally able to nod off a bit, though I’m not sure if I feel any better. I just want to see my sweetie!

1/11 10:37am: gah! It was so cold in that waiting room that we moved down to the cafeteria. It is still cold here, but not as bad. To put it another way, we went from the icebox to the popsicle.

1/11 9:45am: so, I’m just waiting for them to bring us into recovery, and this waiting room we’ve been waiting in has no heat. It’s the coldest day of the year, and no heat! I’ve had my full winter coat on for the past three hours and I’m not uncomfortable in the least. Anyway, I’m kind of scared for how much pain Jessica will be in.

I will be updating this post throughout the next few days with what I’m doing. Definitely not the most interesting stuff, but it will give me something to do while Jessica is recovering/sleeping/etc.

One thought on “Living with Chiari – Adam’s Goings On”

  1. Yay for Netflix!! Thanks for keeping up this blog for us. I’m glad Jessica (and you) are home. I hope her health continues to get better and better! (Oh, and Metro 2033 sounds really good… thanks for the recommendation.)


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